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Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Dear Internet marketer/ Entrepreneur:

Do you often feel frustrated?

Does it feel like you are going around in circles spinning your wheels with no real results to show for the money and time you spend online?

If you are still struggling to make money online and drive quality traffic to your offers, you are not alone!

Traffic is why big players like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and the like work hard to increase engagement which will in turn bring more traffic, leads, ads and revenue, which is the ultimate goal of every business on earth.

The method these big boys and many other successful online businesses use on a daily basis is starting their offering with free value in the form of free accounts to their platforms.

This is how they are able to get billions of leads so they can monetize them with ads.

But what does that mean for us entrepreneurs?

It means that in order to stop spinning our wheels going around in circles trying to drive traffic to our offers, we should model the successful businesses in order to be successful ourselves.

After all, these guys have spent millions of dollars testing and trying every method there is and this is the model that works for them.

So why should we reinvent the wheel? 

Providing value and content is no easy job

We are not Facebook, Google or YouTube ..

What’s the next best thing to do?

Create killer content in the shape of a blog

It’s no secret that some bloggers have made multiple 7-figure income and more

Do you think we should do the same too?

Sure ..

However, from my own personal experience and hundreds of other marketers I know… creating blogs and ranking them in Google is a tedious job that not only takes forever to achieve but also costs a lot of money to do

Especially with all the competition we see on the internet today

That’s until today


Your most comprehensive cloud-based software that allows you to place your CTA on authority and viral website of your choice to drive UNLIMITED Traffic and get UNLIMITED Leads & Sales!

Look What Early Adopters of Lincover Had to Say!

Laticia Reneea Taylor

"If you are looking to be able to grab the authority from any site and drive traffic from that site to yours or any promotion you need traffic for, then you must have Lincover! It’s easy to use and has design abilities to die for.

Seriously, if you need to add a link, set up a campaign, add an opt-in form, or add a poll to any site out there, including your own, if you want to. Plus be able to set them up in minutes, you better get Lincover while you can!"

Randy Mann


See? That was easy!

And to make it even easier for you, I created detailed video tutorials that will explain every corner of Lincover and all the features that it has

Just see how much FREE Traffic Lincover generated in a few hours only!

Lincover (pronounced Link-Over) will not only drive tidal waves of traffic to your offers on autopilot thanks to the fact that people share viral content like crazy, but it will also build your authority because Lincover allows you to put your photo and name on those popovers!

The great thing about Lincover is that driving traffic to your offers is

As Easy As 1, 2 & 3!

Then Sit Back And Watch Sales Come In!

Just see what beta testers said about Lincover

Kevin Duffield

Les Abbott

Jason Elliott

"This software blew me away. It simple design yet powerful features will have you getting more FREE traffic than you even knew possible.

Imagine being able to share a relevant story to a facebook group where thousands of eyeballs are reading that story and your irresisitable link/or form is on that page.

This takes leveraged authority to a whole new level. It's like having a paid ad on almost any website you wish. I had my offer on the homepage of CNBC yesterday with a huge story and I got hundreds of hits by sharing that story on Facebook.

With the ability to set up opt in forms , create links and campaigns for yourself or others, track your campaigns or just simply bring unlimited free traffic to your website, this is one hell of product and one I will be using for a long tme to come 10/10"

Lincover Can Build Your List For You!

Adding links on an authority page is amazing by itself

Lincover doesn’t only do that

You probably already know, money is in the list

Which is 100% true!

Lincover will also build your list for you .. because it allows you to place your opt-in form on the top of those authority/viral pages, while still driving traffic to your offers at the same time!

This is great for times when you want to promote affiliate offers but want to capture leads emails before sending them to the offer and lose them forever.

That way, you can follow-up with them or promote other offers to them, over and over again.

Drive Traffic & Collect Poll Results Simultanously!

If that’s all not enough, Lincover takes things to a whole new level!

It has a powerful technology where you can add polls on the top of those “borrowed” pages

The way that works is very easy.

Pick a question, add a few answers and you will have yourself a nice Call to action. 

Lincover will then take over and collect poll results while driving traffic to your offer at the same time. As soon as people hit that submit button, Lincover will take them to your offer!

Polls are a great way to not only engage people, but also collect important data that will help you improve your offer and deliver exactly what your customers are looking for

Get Detailed Analytics About Your Links!

For Lincover to be a complete business suite. It needed to have tracking capabilities in place

Which is why Lincover has a built-in tracking technology that gives you complete analytics with graphical illustrations and maps to show you where your traffic is coming from and how long they are spending on your pages!

To make it even easier for you, I created detailed video tutorials that will explain every corner of Lincover and all the features that it has

By now you see how Lincover can be your ultimate machine for creating unlimited laser targeted traffic and leads to your offers and how it can build your list for you



Now what if I told you that I have something cool for you as a bonus?

I created a video-based over-the-shoulder training course that gives Lincover users tips and tricks on how to find viral content in any niche and the best places to post your Lincover links to get the maximum amount of sharing

To be very honest with you, I was going to have that course as an upsell to Lincover, but since you are here today you are in luck, because you will get access to this course as a thank you bonus from me.



With developer license you not only have access to Lincover for your own offers with a limited number of campaigns, but you will also get license to create UNLIMITED number of CTA’s and campaigns for you and for your clients!!!

What does that mean to you?

This means that as a proud owner of Lincover, you can go to your local business whether it’s a restaurant, a dentist, a legal firm, a plumber, a roofing company, a landscaping business or anything really and offer them campaigns to build their email list for them and drive traffic to their websites/promotions/offers at the same time.

You can easily charge them a minimum of $199-$1299 monthly depending on the type of business! Trust me, they will happily pay you that much and more because the cost is covered with only one sale in some cases.

In fact, for some businesses, they cover that with only 1 customer!

And the best part is .. it didn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time once a month!

Now we are talking business!

My passion is to create world-class products that add value to you as an online entrepreneur.

I believe that YOU, the buyer, are my #1 priority and any products you purchase from me should work the first time and every time.

If within 14 days of purchase you experience any issues or problem where you can't get Lincover to work. Simply file a support ticket and give me 48 hours to remedy your problem.

If I can't deliver a working copy back to you within 48 hours, or I can't resolve any issues with the app you might have...I'll gladly refund your money without questions...

Momen Khaiti

Today's Deal!

Full access to all the amazing features of Lincover

This includes the ability to add links, opt-in forms and polls on the top of authority/viral pages in any niche.

Full access to all future updates and versions of Lincover

Full access to all the over-the-shoulder training videos

Tips and tricks on where to find viral content and where to share your links for maximum efficiency

Developer License with UNLIMITED campaigns and CTA’s

You can carry out campaigns for you and your clients and charge them high recurring fees for them

My ironclad 14-day money back guarantee

$67 Per Month



Lincover - Authority Jacking Cloud Based App


Questions & Answers

What exactly is Lincover?

It's a software that allows you to legally hijack other websites' authority to build yours. You can place your layover that includes your name, photo, link, message and button, opt-in form or poll. 

Does Lincover work on PC/Mac?

Lincover is cloud-based, which means it works on PC, MAC or any other computer/laptop as long as you have access to the internet. Nothing to install.

Is Lincover difficult to use?

No way! Lincover was created with easy of use in mind. It's newbiew friendly and if you can fill up a small form, you can use Lincover. Your purchase also includes step-by-step video tutorials.

Are there any upsells/OTO's?

Yes, but none of them is necessary to make Lincover work. With your front end purchase, you will gain full access to the entire software and all its features and future updates. You can create your first viral link within minutes after your purchase

Is the current price going to increase?

The current price you see on this page is a special deal. I might decide to increase the price at any point so I suggest that you jump in as soon as possible and lock down your special discounted price. This price includes full access to Lincover and all the bonuses you see on this page. You are covered with 14-day money back guarantee

Does Lincover work with any website of my choice?

Lincover works on most websites. However, there are some websites that have special code that doesn't allow embedding by third-party apps such as Lincover. But don't worry, the internet is so vast you will always find something amazing to use.

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